Solution To Remove Sealants and Adhesives

Looking For An Easy Solution To Remove Sealants & Adhesives?

Discover a range of sealant removal systems designed for use with commercial, military, fixed and rotary aircraft. Suitable for OEM and MRO operations.

The range includes:

  • Scrapers & tools
  • Accessories
  • Sharpening devices for fluted SkyScrapers
  • Chemical sealant removers & surface cleaners

Sharpening Devices Allowing Operational Cost Saving

SkyMill™ Revolution (mechanical device) and SkyEdgit (manual device) are developed to sharpen SkyScraper multiple times at point of use. Both avoid FOD risks thanks to their dust collector.

Designed to sharpen fluted SkyScraper up to 20 times.

SkyMill™ Revolution and SkyEdgit to resharpen SkyScraper

Comformed With Most OEM Process Specifications

Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing (BAC 5000), Bombardier, Hawker Beechcraft / Raytheon, LockheedMartin, McDonnell Douglas, Nato, Rolls Royce, etc.

Remove All Sealants & Adhesives

Easy removal solution for sealants, adhesives and other surface residues on Polysulphide, Polythioether, Silicones and RTV sealants.

Sealant Removers And Surface Cleaning

Range of sealant removers to break down the sealant resistance or bond and suface cleaners.