Pre-saturated wipes solutions

Pre-Saturated Wipe Solutions

Standardize surface cleaning operations, reduce costs & VOC emissions

The Wipe Is Already Pre-Impregnated With The Correct Solvent Dose!

Our pre-saturated wipes are designed to meet the critical and general cleaning requirements of many industries including aerospace, automotive and energy.

Download the brochure to discover how SOCOMORE’s pre-saturated wipes can:

  • reduce solvent consumption by up to 50%
  • reduce waste by up to 74%
  • reduce operational costs

Controlled Consumption

  • Measured solvent quantity per wipe
  • No manual dosing of liquid onto a cloth / rag
  • Reduction in solvent consumption
  • Reduction in costs

Better Quality Control

  • Product standardization
  • Reliable & regular cleaning ability
  • Consistent performance

Improved Health & Safety,
Reduced Environmental Impact

  • Reduction in VOC emissions
  • Elimination of bulk liquids
  • Improved worker safety
  • Reduction in waste

“To limit VOC emissions you can use pre-saturated wipes, which allow you to precisely control how much product you use during application. It helps companies to standardize surface cleaning operations, reducing their VOC emissions.”

Benoît Côte, Product Manager at SOCOMORE