Aluminium Surface Treatment Solutions

Aluminium Surface Treatment

Looking for Cr(VI) & Borate Free Products for Aluminium Surface Treatment?

SOCOMORE offers a complete range of REACh compliant products

We understand your need to work on the evaluation and qualification of alternative, REACh compliant substances: Cr(VI) and borate free products.

Find out in this Aluminium Surface Treatment brochure how our products can help you to achieve process and performance improvements.

Download the brochure to see:

  • how SOCOMORE is one stop-supplier offering a complete solution for each stage of the surface treatment process
  • what is our full range of REACh compliant degreasers, deoxidizers / desmutters, conversion and sealing products
  • that we can provide you with a full range of Cr(VI) and Borate free products
R&D Project Manager at SOCOMORE

“Responsible chemists feel they have a big part to play in finding innovative solutions for a healthier and more environmentally friendly working environment. I am very proud to work in a R&D team that is developing an alternative process to Cr(VI) for conversion treatments or for sealing after anodizing. The major OEMs like our innovation and qualified SOCOSURF TCS / SOCOSURF PACS.”

Marion Ely, R&D Project Manager at SOCOMORE